What I appreciate most about this course is project-based learning


My name is Dipali. I have done my graduation and then post-graduation in Instrumentation Engineering. I am presently working as an Assistant Professor in an engineering institute. After amas experience in the teaching profession, I wanted to spread my wings further and learn about the field I always aspired to be part of. So, during the lockdown, when there was ample time to explore new things and follow my passion, I started learning Python on my own. Then I realized I could do much better if I did this under proper guidance, and suddenly the Great Learning advertisement popped up on my YouTube when I was stuck in the coding.

I dug deeper into the contents of the AIML course of Great Learning and thought this would be the right path if I wished to switch my career. At first glance, I noticed that the contents are designed according to the requirements of the industry. I was hesitant in the beginning as I was not experienced in programming. But after discussing my concern with my AIML program manager, he assured me that the course contents are designed to build my knowledge from the very basics. If I put in constant and sincere efforts, I will definitely be able to sail through. The course contents are designed such that I get to learn everything from scratch and the mentoring session helped me clear my doubts. The self-paced learning helped me to go back to the video lectures and understand the concept thoroughly.

Furthermore, at the end of every week, two hours of mentoring sessions help revise all the concepts learned followed by the actual case studies demonstrated by the mentor. The mentors are highly qualified and experienced industry people with vast knowledge in the area of their expertise. After going through the contents of each module, if I found any part of the module difficult to understand or not clear, I asked the mentor, and then it was made clear to me by giving examples and a better understanding of the concept. With all the help extended from the mentors and through support requests to the GL team, I can soon write long codes with confidence. 

What I appreciate most about this course is project-based learning. In every module, I have to demonstrate the knowledge I gained by completing a project which is based on real industrial scenarios. In the beginning, it was very challenging for me as I am not from a coding background. However, the Olympus dashboard provided a facility to raise a query, and I really got great help in resolving all my queries. The GL team also conducts various quizzes, competitions throughout the course to keep embracing the concepts and be future-ready for the competitive world.

In the modern era, Data Science and business processes are synonymous, and hence, proficiency in the former directly leads to the enhancement in the efficacy of the latter. Machine Learning, as a field, in particular, has gained immense popularity, and with the help of this course, I can employ such algorithms successfully for classification, regression, clustering, or dimensionality reduction tasks of large sets of high-dimensional input data with great accuracy. Consequently, every part of our daily lives has been impacted by this field; be it about image and speech recognition, web searches, fraud detection, or about email/spam filtering and credit scores, machine learning has become ubiquitous. Through the GL-AIML projects, I gained a good technical hand and an even better thinking mind in all the areas of AIML. Now, I am confident to build my own techniques to deal with machine learning problems. 

I am halfway through my course and have thoroughly learned the concepts behind the buzz words like Github, Kaggle, Tensorflow, which only I have heard previously, but now I can proudly say that I understand these words. I am very excited to learn further the concepts of Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing. In my journey with the GL-AIML course, I observe a complete transformation in my personality and feel self-assertive in achieving my long-term goals. Thanks to the Great Learning team for providing this wonderful platform.


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