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exotic cars

The word Exotic car is used to describe many vehicles with various functions that make a car unique or truly outstanding. 

Exotic cars are usually rare in terms of cost, efficiency, and accessibility; but they are not always about supercars. They are identified as cars that have an unusual appearance and are usually not suitable for a broad market audience of buyers. 

Many people think that exotic cars need a limited number of units built. Others think that they must have more than 600 horsepower or more. Some buyers may think the country of origin is important. Others think that it must be really expensive and that it is only used on weekends.

exotic cars

The car above,  is a MW Motors Luka EV, it’s an exotic car. You may not have ever seen one. It’s even possible that there are none in your country. It’s not sold in limited editions, it’s not expensive (it costs € 30,000), it’s for daily use and it’s a great car. Still, it’s an exotic car; because you may not have seen it.

​But we go one step further, and we bring you brands that you may not be so familiar with. 

Usually, the number of exotic cars produced is limited, ranging from a few to thousands in the world. But some new exotic nameplates are rarer than others. That is why these exotic cars brands are called Low Volume Cars Manufacturers. 

For car enthusiasts, the term “Exotic cars” has been used to describe a large number of cars with multiple characteristics that make them rare or truly unique vehicles. All it takes is a different culture, a different fan base, some small adjustments or some time. When it comes to cars, “exoticism” covers many areas, but they are basically considered to be very different, distinctive or distinct from what most people see on the road.

Exotic cars

It’s hard to set an objective limit on what an exotic car is. A Cupra in the United States may be exotic, in Spain it is not. Like a Holden outside of Australia, or a Great Wall outside of China. When they are known brands in their countries.

Nor can we consider how common it’s to see this car on the roads. In places like Monaco, Puerto Banús, Los Hamptons or Dubai it’s much more difficult to see a Volkswagen Beetle than the latest model of Ferrari.

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