VOLT PLUS TECH Quick Car Charger Works for Motorola Moto G Power with Professional 18W USB Type-C Coiled Cable!

Price: $14.99
(as of Jan 27,2022 18:15:28 UTC – Details)

⚡Quick Charge Works for Motorola Moto G Power 2.0 Car Charger with USB Type-C by Volt Plus Tech™✅Features:
●You’ll always know the status of Works for your charge with the LED indicator.
●The LED Indicator illuminates when charging and turns off when the device is fully charged.
●Use the Volt Plus Tech™ USB–C Wall Charger with most devices that have USB–C ports.

●The charger supports USB Quick Charge 2.0, which maximizes existing USB functionality by providing more power compatible devices.
●The solid Car Charger Plastic is ABS Quality with permanent attaches USB–C cable make this charger perfect for both travel and storage.
●The Coiled 2ft stretches up 3 Foot / 1Meter cable is twice the length of standard cables, making outlet access easier.
●Consider getting one for home, office and travel so you’ll always be close a quick charge.
●Included cable is also Fast USB 2.0 compliant.
&#9679Car Charger is 18 Watts, 5 Volt, 2.1Amp, Quick Charge 2.0 and UL Listed and Compliant

✅Questions and Answers:
&#9679What is USB Type-C? USB Type-C is positioned become a universal standard, replacing and doing all the work of USB connections that came before it. USB Type-C is backward compatible
&#9679How do I know which USB charger or cable purchase? Trying visually determine the correct USB connector may result in error.
&#9679ensure the correct USB connector is selected, please consult Works for your device’s online or hard copy user manual.
Quick Fast Charger Works for your Motorola Moto G Power securely, safely, and accurately!
Featuring QUICK CHARGE 2.0 Capacity and Charging Speeds that charge 4x quicker than standard.
This OEM USB Type C Charger comes with a 1M (3.3ft) Type-C Connector.
Charge Quickly and Rapidly any USB-C Device with a rate of up 2.1A or 18 Watts from Works for your car.

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