Virtual Reality – Captivate and browser issues

I am having issues with VR. I can see it fine when authoring a Virtual Reality project in Captivate 2019. However, I cannot view it in preview or when published and using the Chrome browser. It is visible and runs the published program using Firefox. Our company uses Chrome as their default browser. No way will we use Firefox.  I need it to function in Chrome.

I did try the tip mentioned at the top of this thread.

To verify the same open a responsive project , add a web object within Captivate and add the following link :

I am seeing the spinning cube in authoring mode. I can also see my program in authoring mode. But when I try to preview project, I see a blank screen with VR goggles in the upper left corner. I see the same blank screen with goggles when running the published program in the Chrome browser. Again, I need it working in the Chrome browser.

Thanks for any insight.

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