Top developer takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2021

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services may have turned the dial of its annual AWS re:Invent jamboree more towards business executives and less towards the developers who helped propel it to its dominant market position, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty for software developers to get excited about as we round into 2022.

New CEO Adam Selipsky took to the main stage for a keynote that didn’t seek to ruffle any feathers, nor course correct the near-$60 billion cloud oil tanker. Instead, he focused on shining a spotlight on large customers like Nasdaq, M3, and Goldman Sachs, on knotty enterprise problems like migrating applications off of mainframes, and on the vendor’s latest custom silicon advances.

As the developer and ex-AWS employee Tim Bray tweeted during Selipsky’s presentation: “Big enterprise customers with traditional apps are where it’s at. The world of cloud-native people/apps is invisible.”

Complexity: It’s your fault

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels spent almost as much time talking about outer space as he did about software development during his keynote on Thursday.

Vogels did address growing calls for higher-level abstractions and improvements to the core developer experience for customers who are drowning in complexity, but perhaps not in the way many were expecting.

“You have always asked us for more of these components. Purpose-built databases for example, which means by now we have over 200 of these services and believe me, it is sometimes overwhelming. But remember, you have asked for this, it is basically your fault,” he said, to laughter in the crowd.

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