The mentor certainly played a pivotal role in my learning journey


I am Neelam Mantri, with 18+ years of experience in Customer Experience and Service Operations. My core domain is CX experience in the Telecom Industry. After 13 years of the most exciting stint in telecom, I diversified to the Timeshare industry. Currently, I am working with Sterling Holidays as AVP – Customer Life Cycle Management. With rampant digitization, most of the Customer Experience Journey is becoming App-based and DIY. Customers prefer user-friendly and simplified processes with the least turnaround time. The biggest challenge was how to bring in this transformation.

Why “Artificial Intelligence for Leaders” at Great Learning?

When I started researching for the right AIML program for me, I had a few requirements that got fulfilled here –

  1. I needed a course created for professionals from Non-IT backgrounds as I come from hardcore CX operations experience. 
  2. I was looking for a course that is up to 6 months as it is so challenging to commit to a long duration course while you balance your personal and professional commitments.
  3. The course has affiliation from a very reputed Institute/University.

Experience in Mentored Learning Sessions-

The mentored learning sessions were helpful for topics such as statistics where you need interaction in a live session.  Also, the industrial sessions gave us a fair idea of the scope of AI. The mentors had in-depth knowledge of each topic. The sessions were highly interactive that resulted in a lot of knowledge sharing. The mentor certainly played a pivotal role in my learning journey. Since I was from a non-engineering and non-IT background in the initial days, it was challenging to understand the statistical concepts, particularly in the supervised learning module. The mentoring sessions helped bring a lot of clarity. 

The AIFL course has given me a new perspective on Customer Experience. AI can bring in a lot of ease and simplify a customer’s journey. We can not only serve but also enhance the overall service experience. This newly acquired skill has given me exposure to whole new possibilities and ideas to increase customer experience.

My advice is to not restrict yourself only to classroom training. Interact a lot with your peer group. A lot of knowledge sharing happens during peer interaction as you get a unique opportunity to learn with professionals from different industries and skillsets.     

Capstone Experience – 

The capstone project was a random topic we had selected. It was not related to my current organization. The genesis of this idea was a zoom call with colleagues (working with a large services company) when we got three emails from the Training department to spend five hours next week and attend training sessions. All 15 of us on the call got the mail with the same sessions. That’s where the project idea came from, to enable career success to every member of the global workforce with constant skill enhancement and become their trusted lifelong learning partner.

However, limited domain expertise in e-learning and different industries will have different requirements were the major pain points.

The solution was to prefer a cloud-based system as we can scale up as per requirement. To start with, we targeted big corporates which have their e-learning content. 


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