The learning sessions that are pioneered by mentors have in-depth knowledge


My name is Kayoz Mistry and I completed my graduation in B.Com from Jai Hind College, and then joined eClerx Services Ltd which provides business process management, automation, and analytics services to many Fortune 2000 enterprises, including some of the world’s leading financial services, communications, retail, fashion, media & entertainment, manufacturing, travel & leisure, and technology companies where I worked on Digital Insights and Analytics for over 3+ years now. 

As a part of the Tag Implementation and the Conversion Rate Optimization teams, I have had the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to help businesses uncover insights that lead to recommendations to improve revenue and profitability. I have experience working in various industry domains such as banking, technology, and e-Commerce. During this time, I have also shared my know-how by conducting over 500 specialized training courses across multiple digital skills with colleagues and clients.

Being a commerce graduate, I did have a background when it came to statistics but statistics is only one half of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; the other half is having knowledge in any programming language (Python being the best). The biggest professional challenge before joining the program was that I had never worked with Python before the course and was very nervous about leaping over a course that would need a good hands-on experience when it came to Python.

I have had a few colleagues and friends who had completed courses from Great Learning and had only good things to say about it. Having a working knowledge and experience in descriptive analytics, I have always wanted to learn the predictive analytics side of things, for which I needed to learn AIML while making the most out of the limited time I had along with a daily 10-hour work schedule. The weekend batch at Great Learning was a boon that helped make that goal of mine into a reality. 

The learning sessions that are pioneered by mentors have in-depth knowledge on the various topics that we have learned throughout the course and this is invaluable. There is only so much knowledge one can gain through self-study or recorded videos. These sessions give us a better understanding of each topic and also help us solve all our doubts and questions. The mentored learning sessions have been very clear and concise on each of the topics that have been covered. Our mentor has been with us at each step of the way throughout the past months of this course. Even on holidays, when unwell, and during classes; there has not been any time that we haven’t had the guidance and support from our mentor. He is always sharing his insights and learnings with us through stories, experiences, online posts, news, etc.

In the recent past, I have gotten an opportunity to join a new organization and use my skills in a project on Digital Analytics. Currently, I am working on descriptive analytics, but soon will get a project in advanced predictive analytics that will utilize the skill-set that I have learned through this course.

The key point/objective that one needs to achieve through analytics is to be able to tell a story through the data that they have. Analytics is the study of any form of data, and being able to make observations that would have an impact on the whole.


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