Save on Accumulating Returns -Sreedharan A S, PGP AIFL


Sreedharan A S, along with Shantanu Chandra, Dr. Indraneel Sircar, and Mainak Roy Chowdhary worked on a capstone project called SOAR as part of their journey with Great Learning’s PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program. Read further to learn more!

How did you come up with the Topic name?

We came up with the topic name through internal group discussions.

AI Concepts applied in the Capstone Project

Web scrapping, NLP, NGram,  Recommendation, etc.

Your Learning outcome from the capstone project

Ability to share multiple thoughts and discuss multiple solutions and improvise an idea

Your Capstone journey/experience 

Excellent and definitely an experience to cherish.

Thank you message (if any) for Mentors/ team members/Program Office

An excellent team with plenty of knowledge sharing and ownership.  Thanking my team for their warm gesture and participation.  


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