Python developer – Skills,Courses, Jobs and Advantages

What is Python?

Python is an object oriented high level interactive scripting language. This language is one of the most popular languages used not just by Software programmers, but also mathematicians, data analysts, scientists and network engineers. This language is widely known to be very beginner friendly and can even be learnt to an extent by kids. 

Python can be used to perform a wide array of tasks such as, visualization, data analysis, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition to the earlier list, python can also be used to build web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications, alongside testing and hacking. 

Advantages of using python 

  • Solve complex problems with small line of code 
  • Python is a high level language 
  • It is cross platform 
  • Easy to find help when in need 
  • Has large ecosystem and library 

The fact of python being able to solve complex problems, with just small lines of code, makes it simple and easy to learn. Since python is a high level language, you can shy away from your worry about completing complex tasks such as memory management and such. It is cross platform, which simply means you can build applications on Windows, Mac and Linux. Python has a large community of users and a large ecosystem and library, so if you find yourself in need of any help or you want to learn more in python, just reach out to any member of the community. 

Who is a Python developer? 

As a python developer you will be creating applications, designing frameworks for code, creating websites, and backend components of web applications. Python developers use technologies such as Panda, Anaconda, Django, tensor flow, and python ides to build scalable, testable and effective python code. In conclusion, a python developer, develops, debugs, deploys , and all in all maintains a given project. 

Python developer skills 

  • Packages and Functions – importing external packages into a python code
  • OOP Concepts – Objects and Classes, inheritance and abstraction  
  • Database and its connections – Connecting a python code to a database
  • Data Structures – Array, list, Stack, Cues, graphs and trees 

Data Science Skills 

  • Numpy – Library for performing mathematical calculations 
  • Pandas – Library for storing and manipulating data 
  • Scipy– Library for technical computing and scientific computing 
  • Matplotlib – Library for plotting graphs and charts 
  • Machine learning algorithm models – Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning 

Web Development Skills 

  • Django framework
  • Web Scraping 
  • API Handling 
  • Backend Connection 

How to become a python developer?

An aspiring python developer can pursue a number of courses in Python to work closer towards sharpening his/her skills required to be a good python developer. 

Python developer courses 

Python Developer Resume 

A python developer resume should contain a summary of yourself and your goals, every detail of his/her web development skills, data science skills and basics skills, work experience, portfolio and details about strengths and weaknesses. 

Python Web Developer jobs

Data Scientist 

Job roles 

  • Analyze data with the help of text analytics, machine learning and deep learning 
  • Using data driven methods to solve complex business problems
  • A Data scientist uses data visualization to communicate all findings and observations to his company. 
  • Regular Validation and cleansing of data helps to maintain efficacy and accuracy 

Python Web Developer

 Job roles 

  • Perform tuning, usability, improvement and automation 
  • Develop server side platform 
  • Worked on web frameworks like Django and Flask 
  • Deploy applications 
  • Collaborate with design team to gather end user requirements
  • Write server side code 

Data Analyst 

Job roles 

  • Tune applications 
  • Gather requirements
  • Analyze problems 
  • Carry out data analysis 
  • Work on python libraries 
  • Explore datasets 

Automation test engineer 

Job roles 

  • Perform A/B testing 
  • Create test scripts 
  • Design automation framework 
  • Troubleshoot code issues 
  • Perform complex system tests 

Machine Learning Engineer 

Job roles 

  • Perform ML tests 
  • Research and transform Data Science prototypes 
  • Put Machine Learning models into production 
  • Keep up to date with ML trends 
  • Research and implement ML algorithms

Software Engineer 

Job roles 

  • Deploy 
  • Collaborate with different teams and gather end user requirements 
  • Write and develop server side code 
  • Perform automation, tuning and improvement 

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Python Developer salary trends 

Python Developer Salary in India and US explained based on designation. 

Salary based on Designation

Jobs Salary in India (Yearly) Salary in the USA (Yearly)
Data Scientist ₹698,413 $96,961
AIML Engineer ₹671,548 $112,356
Automation Test Engineer ₹6,01,465 $89,025
Software Engineer ₹588,427 $88,161
Data Analyst ₹447,224 $64,973
Python Web Developer ₹427,293 $109,926

Salary based on Location in India

Location Average Salary
Gurgaon ₹700,717
Bangalore ₹669,787
Delhi ₹600,000
Mumbai ₹579,728
Pune ₹540,131
Chennai ₹540,131
Hyderabad ₹475,000


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