Provide AI-based Talent Acquisition Intelligent Hub Solution – TAQHUB


Razia Khan, Murali Krishna Swaminathan, Suhel Bhatia, and Nishant Niranjan worked on a capstone project titled Provide AI-based Talent Acquisition Intelligent Hub Solution – TAQHUB as part of their journey with Great Learning’s PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program. Read further to learn more.

How did you come up with the Topic name?

After brainstorming topics from diverse fields – Music, Agriculture, and HR, we decided to go ahead with an AI-based solution to solve real-world problems in Talent Acquisition.

AI Concepts applied in the Capstone Project

Different Machine Learning Algorithms and Ensemble Techniques were used to arrive at the Candidate’s score (index) to decide suitability for a role. Intelligent NLP-based resume parsing provided initial shortlisting of candidates basis broader intent/meaning as opposed to keyword match in traditional methods. Also, a Prescriptive solution was provided capturing the top 3 traits in a candidate for the interview process and later as an employee (if selected) for the Talent Management lifecycle.

Your Learning outcome from the capstone project

There was immense learning throughout the capstone project. Calling out a few points:

 1. Working with leaders from different backgrounds and diverse ideas gave an unmatchable experience altogether

 2. Overcoming challenges and working as a team towards project success

 3. Amazing learning from individual members as everyone has some USP to offer

Your Capstone journey/experience 

Overall fantastic experience, especially collaborating different aspects of the project, owning individual pieces, and finally reviewing as a team.

Thank you message (if any) for Mentors/ team members/Program Office

1. We are thankful to Dr. Narayana and Mr. Anwesh Reddy for the invaluable feedback during guidance calls to give shape to our current project

 2. All the team members have been supportive and caring about each other not just professionally but personally giving a strong mutual bonding

 3. Last but not least, special thanks to Sahana and the program office for always being there to support & guide, when required.


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