Mentored learning lessons played one of the most important parts of the journey


My name is Asif Malik; I am an ambitious and driven individual. I was born and bought up in Dehradun and did my education from Dehradun itself. After college, I started my career in the Software Development industry, was working as a Dot Net Developer for at most 4 years, but a few years ago, I was drawn to Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis, thus now working as Senior AI/Machine Learning Engineer at YUM Brands. Before joining the PG program in AI/ML by Great Learning, I was working in Nagarro as a software developer with industrial experience of 4 years.

I was working on the mechanism that was keeping track of customers’ choices, thus giving them feedbacks accordingly and suggesting better products for better service. Keeping track of all those data and constantly changing the requirements was keeping our team working for 10+hrs every day. That was monotonous and frustrating because if we had used ML/AI for it, we would have gotten better response/feedback and product recommendations.  

Before joining this program, I tried self-learning via a different platform, but nowhere did I find a proper step-by-step guideline. Each course offers how to do stuff, but none offers how? E.g., what is the science/ math behind a particular topic? There was a fear in the starting that I might face the same in this learning environment, but as the journey began, I realized this was exactly what I was searching for.

Apart from day to day self-paced courses, pioneered mentored learning lessons played one of the most important parts of development, they act as a revision and doubt session too, adding on to the personal touch of the mentor experience, and their industry experience helped a lot to take a right direction towards our journey of learning right. The quality of mentored learning sessions was just out of par, those sessions helped me build the right direction, and these sessions are individually focused, thus helping me look at the things that I am doing wrong and how to do it more efficiently and accurately. As the name suggests, “my Mentor,” Mr. Sravan Malla molded the complex definition into a more refined and easy way, the thing which was sour to me he cleared those with such ease, he lets me make mistakes as well so that I can learn from them and more importantly why did I make that mistake thus changing the way I think about the problem in front of me.

Today, I have built a whole new career out of this newly learned skill, joined YUM Brands! as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

My advice to the people who are just starting with learning analytics – Just remember the three “P”s

  1. Practice
  2. Persistence
  3. Perseverance

There were times during the course where I felt like I couldn’t keep up or I might not get through, yet after practicing them again and again, they became easy, and being persistent toward learning every day is sometimes not that easy yet setting a routine right will make things fun!

At last, don’t forget to enjoy the Immense Trill of Learning and going all crazy with your thoughts and building new things; It’s FUN!


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