Masked Singer Season 6 Grand Finale LIVE

THE Masked Singer is back again tonight — and a new champion will be crowned during the Grand Finale.

Season 6 of the Masked Singer will come to a close tonight, with either Queen of Heart or Bull to be named the winner for 2021.

The Bull‘s costume finds him decked out in gold embellishments and a matador suit.

The Queen of Hearts made her debut with La Vie en Rose.

Her costume consists of a large, heart-shaped bodice complete with bright blue lips and a singular blue eye.

On last week’s epussode Banana Split was eliminated and revealed to be Katherine McPhee and her husband, producer David Foster.

In the other semi-final, Skunk joined Beach BallHamsterCupcakeBabyDalmatian, Pufferfish, Mother Nature, and Octopus as characters who had all been sent home this season.

Nick Cannon hosts the show, with Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy the judges.

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  • The Bull’s nemesis

    The Bull shared that his “nemesis” from day one was the Skunk, who was unmasked as singer Faith Evans during the Group A final.

    “Bull was such a standout talent,” said Evans.

    “Skunk, you bet I’m gonna rep Group A in tonight’s finale,” said the Bull.

  • Previously unseen footage

    Wednesday’s night episode included some never-before-seen footage, such as a clip of Natasha Bedingfield practicing as Pepper during her time on the show.

    “I was jealous of her voice and left in tears,” the Bull said of one of Pepper’s performances, adding he didn’t think he could beat her.

    “I’m still in disbelief that I beat her,” he said.

  • Queen of Hearts’ Christmas song

    The Queen of Hearts sang the classic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas for her first performance of the night

  • Bull’s first performance

    The Bull took the stage first to perform Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives.

  • Queen of Hearts and the Bull together

    The two contestants took the stage together for the first time ever at the beginning of Wednesday’s show to share their feelings on getting to the finale.

    “It means the world to me. I did not honestly think i was going to make it this far. I was just along for the ride but I’m sure glad I got here,” said the Bull.

    “I think this show has been so fun, and it’s just the privilege of a lifetime to get to express yourself this way with such talented people,” added the Queen of Hearts.

  • The finale is on NOW

    The Masked Singer two-hour finale is on Fox now.

    You can also stream the finale on Hulu, FuboTV, Tubi TV and YouTube TV.

  • Mama June rooting for Queen of Hearts

    Mama June and her daughter Alana, known as Honey Boo Boo, were eliminated earlier this season.

  • Do contestants get paid?

    According to Bustle, contestants on The Masked Singer likely do not get paid at all.

    The outlet states the show itself is “just for fun.”

    “Each person behind the masks is a celebrity of some kind who presumably has plenty of money and opportunities, so it wouldn’t make sense to give them even more,” Bustle continued.

    Every season, the winner of The Masked Singer earns a trophy with a mask on it, while the judge who guessed correctly the most amount of times earns the Golden Ear trophy.

    There is apparently no cash prize on the show, and no specific option to donate to a charity.

  • Does the winner get a prize?

    The prize that the champion of the singing show receives is a trophy with a mask on it. 

    The judge who manages to guess the most contestants wins a Golden Ear trophy.

    This prize was a late addition to the show, coming in the fourth season of The Masked Singer.

    There is no cash prize on the show or donation to a charity of the celebrity’s choice.

  • Who was Banana Split?

    Banana Split is one of only two duos to compete on the show.

    The first duo was back in season 4 when Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black dressed up as Snow Owls.

    While they might be the second duo, Banana Split is the first duo to not be inside the same costume together.

    The duo was revealed to be Katherine McPhee and David Foster.

  • Celebrity fans get ready for the show

    As the Masked Singer’s finale approached on Wednesday, many celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey and Nick Carter invited people to watch tonight’s show.

  • Ciera supports the Bull

    The superstar performer shared a message of support for the Bull on Wednesday shortly before the finale.

  • Guesses on Queen of Hearts

    Some guesses include Jewel, whose album Pieces of You celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year; Shakira, another multi-lingual star, whose video for Whenever, Wherever features horses like the one in the Queen of Heart’s first clue package; and Helena Bonham Carter, who portrayed the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s 2010 film Alice in Wonderland.

  • Who do fans think Bull is?

    There are plenty of fan theories, but the top guesses are former American Idol star Todrick Hall, Backstreet Boy Lance Bass and John Cena.

  • Who has been unmasked this season?

    • Skunk: Faith Evans
    • Caterpillar: Bobby Berk
    • Mallard: Willie Robertson
    • Pepper: Natasha Bedingfield
    • Jester: Johnny Rotten
    • Beach Ball: Honey Boo Boo and Mama June
    • Hamster: Rob Schneider
    • Cupcake: Ruth Pointer
    • Baby: Larry the Cable Guy
    • Dalmation: Tyga
    • Pufferfish: Toni Braxton
    • Mother Nature: Vivica A. Fox
    • Octopus: Dwight Howard
    • Banana Split: David Foster & Katherine McPhee
  • How to watch the finale

    The Masked Singer finale premieres on Fox at 8pm ET on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

    You can also stream the finale on Hulu, FuboTV, Tubi TV and YouTube TV.

  • Queen of Heart’s clues

    Her costume consists of a large, heart-shaped bodice complete with bright blue lips and a singular blue eye.

    As for clues to hint at her identity, the Queen of Hearts has revealed:

    • An image of a tall, brown horse
    • A garden, with a giant chess piece
    • A faux magazine with tabloid-style headlines
    • Wizard of Oz-themed clue package with Tin Man featured in it
    • Says she “left home” when she was “pretty young” and that it was “definitely scary at times”
    • Framed photo of Hillary Swank with “BFF” under it
  • The Bull’s clues

    Some clues that have been revealed for the Bull include:

    • He created his “own world” in his garage growing up
    • An image of the Disney Concert Hall
    • He said he’s been on shows and done guest performances
    • Bull “is no stranger to house parties.”
    • An image of Carnegie Hall on a party invite
  • Two-hour finale

    Tonight’s Masked Singer finale will last two hours.

    The Queen of Hearts and Bull will battle it out for the number one spot.

  • ‘Time to celebrate’

    The finale of the Masked Singer will finally air tonight at 8pm EST.

    The show promoted the exciting final episode of this season ahead of the show on Wednesday on Twitter.

  • Past winners, continued

    The fourth winner of the show was LeAnn Rimes, who performed as Sun.

    The fifth winner of the show was multi-platinum recording artist Nick Lachey, who performed as Piglet.

    The sixth season winner has yet to be crowned.

  • Past winners of the Masked Singer

    The first winner of the show was recording artist T-Pain who performed as Monster.

    The second winner of the show was five-time Emmy winner Wayne Brady who performed as Fox.

    The third winner of the show was Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Buress who performed as Night Angel.

  • How to watch Masked Singer

    The Masked Singer airs live on FOX on Wednesdays at 8pm EST.

    The show is also available to stream on Hulu, Sling TV, fuboTV, and Tubi.

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