list of all car brands


all car brands in the world

list of car brands

​We have compiled an extensive list of all the automakers over the years and many hours of research. We have been locating new exotic car brands since 2016. This is the largest compilation of automotive brands in current production in the world. 

​Our full list of automakers contains more than 3.300 active car brands. We probably missed some exotic car brands, if you want to contribute to the largest compilation of current car brands, please send us an email. Here you can see the full list of carmakers.

You will see other extensive car brands list, but our differentiation is that we have well-defined criteria and that we include modern exotic car brands. All car brands here are active, and most of them currently produce cars. So we will not show you defunct car brands, but current brands. You can visit their websites, follow them on social networks and buy or drive their cars. They are real brands in current operation. 

Regarding the filter criteria, we don’t include tuning/modifiers cars, car tuners companies, university competition cars, or home-made vehicles built for the owner’s personal enjoyment. So you will not find Brabus or Mansory as a car brand.

When we talk about exotic cars on our website, we are not talking about brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini; we go one step further in defining “exotic cars”. Our intention is for you to discover completely unknown new car brands. For that, we have a showroom in which we show a selection of exotic brands.

You can check each brand in the list of all car brands that we leave you before; in this post we will tell you some interesting and useful information about the different brands in the world. Who Owns Which Car Brands?, How many countries make car brands? and many more questions.

The list of all the car brands in the world that we have published on drivingyourdream is not up-to-date. But don’t worry because we have all the information in our database to be able to offer you curious and reliable data. If you have any curiosity or some curious information, write it in comments. ​For example, if you want to know which countries have less than five brands, or which countries have a higher percentage of exotic sports car brands.

list of all the automakers

Currently there are almost 200 countries in the world, half of them have at least one brand of their own country. We are not talking about foreign manufacturers that have set up a factory, but about national car manufacturers. Perhaps you thought that only a few countries like Germany, Japan and the United States had their own car brands. But half the countries in the world have their own brand of cars!

In this list we have exactly 3,260 brands, the number of car brands varies as many manufacturers disappear and others appear. In these last five years we have always kept the figure between 3,200 and 3,400 automakers approximately. But with the Covid, the number of brands has dropped a little more than usually.

all car brands by country

​A quarter of car manufacturers in the world are from the United States: The other quarter is divided between England and China. In other words, between these three countries they account for half of all car manufacturers in the world. 

Then we have France, Germany and Italy with more than one hundred brands. For now there is no surprise since there are three countries with a great automotive tradition.

India is the seventh country on the list, although it must be said that it has many brands of rickshaws. Rickshaws with closed cabs are the handlebar-driven vehicles that we have allowed in the brand selection. These cars are halfway between a car and a motorcycle. Eighth we have Brazil, which has a great tradition in the manufacture of dune buggies. The top 10 brands are closed by Australia and Spain. Curiosly, Japan narrowly falls outside of this top. 

We can’t put 3,260 photos of cars, I wish we could. So we will show you some of the brands from those countries with less than two manufacturers.


We can’t put 3,260 photos of cars, I wish we could. So we will show you some of the brands from those countries with less than two manufacturers.

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