Learning Analytics will help every professional to reach heights


I am working as a Business Analyst in Toyota Tshusho Insurance Broker company. We create a Portal for the Insurance Providers and OEM. I worked as a Business Analyst before joining PG Program. My friends had recommended me for doing Data science courses. I started searching more about the Data Science career at Google and which Institute will be best for joining these courses.

I came across many institutes offering Data science courses online with Certificates.

Then I found a Great learning program on a website offering Data Science and Business Analytics courses. I started reaching out to the coordinator to know more about the program. I was really satisfied with the benefits of this course with Great learning. As I am not from an IT background, Coding was the main challenge to learn. Greatlearning tutors have taught us with ease. Now I am 80% confident in my coding. Great learning vision “we believe that data drives the world – with analytics and automation being the deciding factors for career success”. The vision of Great learning has motivated me to join the program.

Each session was very important because already practiced people were mentoring us. So we get a 360-degree idea of what the company will expect from us—best mentoring sessions for all modules. Different mentoring sessions will be conducted in a Great learning program to prepare the person to face real-world problems.

All mentors had equally played a role in my success. Ready to face real-world problems. I have created a New Dashboard using Tableau at my office. Learning Analytics will help every professional to reach higher in their growth. Enjoy Learning!


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