Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 LIVE RESULTS: Boxing stream, TV channel, undercard for TONIGHT

Paul gifts Woodley a ROLEX

In one of the more bizarre turnouts of the week, Jake Paul gifted Tyron Woodley a ROLEX during their head-to-head for Showtime earlier this week.

Paul said: He said: “As a gift of respect because it’s time for me to knock him out”, as he handed Woodley a wrapped present.

Woodley opened it up and was surprised to see a Rolex waiting for him.

Woodley responded: “I accept your gift. And all the bonuses, I accept it all. And I’m going to do the same thing on Saturday.

“This dude is crazy. Do I know about this watch? Yeah I know about this watch.

“Why wouldn’t I accept it? He put a bow on it and wrapped it, I’m not going to be disrespectful.

“I haven’t had an opponent do a lot of s*** that this dude do. Mentally, it’s warfare because you never know what to expect out of him.”


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