Jake Paul predicts miserable Christmas for Tommy Fury’s girlfriend after fight pull-out

Paul has joked that Fury will have to return gifts for his partner Molly Mae Hague after missing out on the payday from his showdown with Paul after withdrawing

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Tommy Fury addresses pulling out of Jake Paul fight

Jake Paul has joked that Tommy Fury’s partner Molly Mae Hague will have her Christmas presents returned after his opponent withdrew from their grudge match.

Fury has been forced to miss out on facing his bitter rival Paul later this month after he pulled out due to a battle with a chest infection and a broken rib.

Paul has been left disappointed by the collapse of the tilt with his long-term foe but he will now face previous opponent Tyron Woodley in a rematch.

The YouTube star is p***** off” that he will not have the chance to back up his stoppage prediction and believes the young star cracked under the pressure.

“I was upset,” Paul told talkSPORT. “A lot of stuff had been said and I wanted to knock him out. I wanted to make him bleed and eat the canvas.

Jake Paul was left disappointed after Tommy Fury withdrew from their clash


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“That is the most satisfying part when your opponent has a lot to say and you just knock them out and embarrass them in front of the whole world.

“I’m a little bit p****d off I’m not able to do that. The kid is scared. The kid cracked under pressure. The whole fight build-up got to him and now he fumbled the biggest opportunity of his life, the biggest pay day of his life.

“He’s going to have to return all the Christmas presents he got Molly [Mae Hague] as he has no way of paying for them.”

Fury was set to face the biggest test of his career but was struggling with an ongoing illness which threatened to mar their press conference late last month.

The 22-year-old was keen to prove his boxing credentials on the biggest stage in America in addition to ending his bitter rival’s short stint in the sport.

However Fury has now been forced to release a statement explain the reasoning behind his withdrawal which was accompanied by an image of his fractured rib.

Will Tommy Fury and Jake Paul reschedule their fight next year? Let us know your verdict in the comments section below

“Four weeks past and we decided to have a sparring session and I took a little clip to the body and because my body was so weak due to the virus, I instantly knew something wasn’t right,” Fury explained.

“I was throwing up from the pain , I was doubled over. I literally got my bag and went straight to the hospital for an MRI scan and got the results back the same day.

“The results showed I had a clean break and I had multiple fractures. For the following week I still thought I could fight but then it took the doctor and my whole team to say you cant fight.

“Even now it hasn’t sunk in that I’m not fighting. My only focus is getting a new fight date set and recovering.”

Paul has admitted his patience with Fury is running spare and he would be willing to make him “years” before rescheduling a date for their long-awaited bout.

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