Flutter 2.8 boosts mobile performance

Flutter 2.8, the latest version of the company’s open source, cross-platform toolkit for building web, mobile, and desktop applications, has been released, highlighted by mobile performance improvements and improved compatibility with back-end services.

The Flutter 2.8 release on December 8 coincided with the 1.0 release of the Flame modular 2D game engine, a game engine built on Flutter that offers a collection of tools for building games quickly.

Google said mobile apps built with Flutter 2.8 should start faster and use less memory. The company said it has leveraged its experiences with large Google apps like Google Pay to make Flutter more performant and to provide better tools to guide profiling and optimization.

Flutter 2.8 also makes it easier to to connect to back-end services including Firebase and Google Cloud. Production-quality support for Google Ads is featured, along with major updates to the camera and embedded web plug-ins.

The Flutter 2.8 release also includes Dart 2.15, an update to the programming language that brings concurrency improvements, enhanced enumerations, and optimizations that provide a 10 percent reduction in memory utilization.

Developer productivity is boosted in Flutter 2.8 with capabilities including stateful hot reload. Google also is exploring higher-level abstractions to make it easier for developers to get running faster. Among these is a sign-in widget that uses Firebase to handle authentication. The widget deals with tasks such as two-factor authentications and users’ password resets.

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