Farmer Buddy – A Crop Recommender and Supply Chain Management System, Powered by AI/ML


Srikantha S V took up the PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program at Great Learning. For their capstone project, Sheeba Nadar, Sanatkumar Kokare, Bhimsen Rangari, and Srikantha S V worked on Farmer Buddy – A Crop Recommender and Supply Chain Management System, Powered by AI/ML. Read further to learn more.

How did you come up with the Topic name?

As a team, we brainstormed and came up with multiple topics ranging from recommendation systems to AR & AI. One of the team members is associated with farming. He had a real experience of how farmers throw away vegetables like tomatoes when they don’t have proper information on when to grow when the prices are going to drop. So with the concepts from AI, we thought of choosing the best possible solution for the farmers to help them get the maximum benefits out of this solution.

AI Concepts applied in the Capstone Project

Data gathering/ and challenges, Data cleansing, Regression & Classification, Ensembling model, Majority voting techniques, Random tree, K-Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes.

Your Learning outcome from the capstone project

End to end understanding of the project phases, what is the market competition, the risks involved, and how to overcome the challenges by using AI techniques.

Your Capstone journey/experience 

The Capstone journey helped us understand how to connect the technology and the business by using great real-time use cases. This journey was enlightening and we all loved it. Our team had a good bonding, though we came from different backgrounds and we became a very good team in a short time. The overall journey helped us revise and apply the concepts that we learned in this course.

Thank you message (if any) for Mentors/ team members/Program Office

Thank you so much to our Mentors Dr. Narayana Darapaneni & Mr. Anwesh for guiding us and giving us excellent ideas to progress in our Capstone project. 

A big thanks to all our professors and Ms. Sahana for being there all the time to address our queries and connect us with the right people to get our work done. Thank you Team Great Learning!


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