Efficient Water Management in Smart Campus Using AI and IoT


Aravind Sorake, Vineeth Menon, Tamralipta Das, and Ravinder Yadav worked on a capstone project on Efficient Water Management in Smart Campus Using AI and IoT as part of their journey with Great Learning’s PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program. Read further to learn more.

How did you come up with the Topic name?

Focus on the scarcity of clean water in urban campuses and the need for technology interventions.

AI Concepts applied in the Capstone Project

1. Estimate Water Needs using Regression, Classification, Clustering (K-Means)

 2. Improve the efficiency of water supply to reduce Unaccounted for Water (UFW) and Non-Revenue Water (NRW) using Classification and Neural networks

 3. Quality monitoring of water for Community Health Improvement using Regression and Deep learning

Your Learning outcome from the capstone project

Application of AI techniques and creating a business model.

Your Capstone journey/experience 

The idea of creating a report and presenting it to the faculty is good. It gives a good perspective of the range of AI technology interventions possible across industry domains.

Thank you message (if any) for Mentors/ team members/Program Office

Thank you to all the faculty members, mentors, and program office for guiding me through the process and for being flexible with the submission timelines. It sometimes becomes difficult to manage office and project work. The AIFL office has guided me through the process to ensure participation as well as maintain flexibility when required.


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