Don't start with an FPV Wing! – ZOHD Alpha Strike Fpv Wing Review 🛸

Don’t start with an Fpv Wing as your first plane. Here is why… and what Justin recommends for a better first fpv plane experience…

Buy a ZOHD Alpha Strike Fpv Wing here : https://bit.ly/39pXZaC

👍Justin recommends Starting with this plane
✈Buy a Eachine Atomrc Seal RC Airplane : https://bit.ly/3AIJTNH
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🔋Buy a 4Sp Long Flight Li-Ion Battery here : https://bit.ly/3Awi7DV
🔋Buy a 4S 3000mah Lipo Battery here : http://bit.ly/2u6TekB

Watch Justin’s Seal Fpv Plane Review ✈
Link here : https://youtu.be/tsRxHbZvw0I

🚁Justin’s Analog Fpv Setup Links
Ultimate Long Range Fpv Video Transmitter : https://bit.ly/3tZhtfs
Fpv Analog Camera : https://bit.ly/3arecNX
Skyzone Fpv Goggles : https://bit.ly/35Fj13S

🚁Justin’s DJI Fpv Setup Links
DJI Caddx Polar Vista : https://bit.ly/39s8Pg5
DJI Fpv V2 Goggles : https://bit.ly/3qJyqre

✈Justin’s Recommended Jumper T-Lite 4in1 Radio : https://bit.ly/3iXKpz1
✈Justin’s Recommended Skyzone Fpv Goggles : https://bit.ly/3bRCsIF

Justin’s Top 5 – 5″ Beginner Fpv Drone Links : Safe buys …✈
1. iFlight Nazgul5 V2 : https://bit.ly/3e3CKyn
1. Cheaper Original V1 Nazgul5 here : http://bit.ly/2KJb3Le
2. Geprc Mark4 $229 : https://bit.ly/3hx6546
3. Hglrc Wind 5 : http://bit.ly/2WNKhFS
4. Geprc Crocodile5 Baby : https://bit.ly/3eI9ZYs
5. Diatone Roma F5 : https://bit.ly/309W8T4

Alternate Radio to buy : Radiomaster TX12 here : https://bit.ly/3g0z1RH
Best Choice Fpv Goggles : SKY04x : https://bit.ly/35Fj13S

Start with the best small drones below 🚁🔋✈

Justin’s 2021 Top 5 RTF – Fpv Beginner Bundles 🏆
1. GepRc TinyGo RTF : http://bit.ly/3rL2vZe
2. BetaFpv Meteor65 RTF : https://bit.ly/2Kx97JE
3. iFlight A75 : http://bit.ly/3q6CORn
4. Emax Tinyhawk 1 RTF ( SALE PRICE $85 ) : http://bit.ly/38RFElg
5. Emax Tinyhawk 2 RTF : https://bit.ly/3fcTeBs

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