Conor McGregor was back training after Dustin Poirier defeat with “leg hanging off”

McGregor broke his tibia in his UFC 264 trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, but the Irishman was remarkably in the weight room just one day after the fight

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Conor McGregor: Who will he fight next?

Conor McGregor ‘s head trainer has revealed the Irishman was in the weight room the day after breaking his leg in July.

McGregor faced Dustin Poirier in a trilogy fight at UFC 264 earlier this year, breaking his tibia at the end of the first round.

The UFC star had a titanium rod fitted in his leg after the fight and needed crutches to walk for several weeks due to his injury.

He is now edging closer to his UFC return, revealing he will start full MMA sparring again in April with his next fight being booked shortly after that.

And McGregor’s lead trainer John Kavanagh explained how his career-threatening injury didn’t keep him out of the gym for long.

“The guy has achieved it all. The money, the belts, the accolades. He did all that then had a terrible injury like this, he told MMA Junkie.

Conor McGregor was in the gym one day after breaking his leg

“‘I’m kind of sitting back to look at him and see what his words are but there was never a hint of stepping back, it was right away.

“The following day after the injury he was bench pressing. His leg is hanging off and he’s bench pressing, because he could do that.

“That’s Conor’s approach, it’s ‘ok what can I do’. I certainly got from his words and his actions that he wants to compete again. It’s not about the money.”

McGregor’s time in the weight room has resulted in him packing on a lot more size, claiming to be “190lbs of granite” in a recent tweet.

It’s unclear whether McGregor will return to lightweight or welterweight for his next fight as he has previously switched between the two weight classes.

Following Charles Oliveira’s win at UFC 269 last weekend, McGregor called for the next shot at the lightweight champion.

But UFC president has confirmed Justin Gaethje, not the No.9 ranked McGregor, will receive the next title shot.

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And Kavanagh has backed McGregor to come back from his leg injury even better than before.

“We’re not back MMA training but he can do all strength and conditioning if he’s being sensible about the approach of it,” he continued,

“I do talks around local schools in Dublin and I always use him as an example as what we can do in life when we get setbacks.

“There’s nobody that comes back better than him, that uses losses to fuel themselves, to learn new things about his body to come back and do very well.

“He has shown that type of spirit that no matter what, he has his wins and losses but he’s never gonna quit, he picks himself back up again and goes back in.”

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