Coming from a non-coding background, the mentoring sessions helped me in a great way


I am Bindu. Currently, I am working as a Business Process Associate at Microsoft. My role is to improve Microsoft’s AI products and services, mainly in converting speech to text. Basically, working for AI Assistance for people’s daily life. It was my role in Microsoft that motivated me to pursue the course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Great Learning, which will enhance my skills in AI.

Before joining the Great Learning online platform, I had done a lot of research in online courses which were offering AI/ML Courses. After thorough research, I finally decided to join Great Learning which is the top trending online learning platform, as I had also seen great reviews about the Great Learning online platform. 

Mentoring sessions in Great Learning is a great way to help students learn and interact and also clear all the doubts relating to the concepts in the course. Coming from a non-coding background, I initially had a lot of struggle to cope up, but the mentoring sessions helped me in a great way and gave me the confidence to move ahead with my course.

Also, having the best Program Manager (Dipti Sahoo) gave me the confidence to go ahead with the course. Though the course is quite challenging, I am confident with the help of my mentor and also with the Program Manager and the team, I will move ahead not only for the completion of the course but also come out as a Data Scientist, which I am aspiring to be.

My advice to the new learners is to never give up. Just keep going, and when you are in the best place like Great Learning, you need not worry about your career. This course is quite well-curated and gives us an insight into all the aspects of future AI Technology.


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