Coming from a non-coding background, motivation is always available from our mentors


My name is Akash Sinha and I have completed my graduation in Mechanical engineering from GM Institute of Technology, Davangere in 2015. Then, I worked in Concentrix India Services Private Ltd, from 2017 to 2021 as a Customer Support Representative.

The biggest challenge before joining this course of AIML was to make up my mind to start towards a whole different career. Considering the ongoing pandemic and lack of skill set for a career change, it was quite a leap to take for me. After going through multiple different platforms for similar courses, it was clear that Great Learnings had a better overall course module with mentors available all the time.

Our mentoring sessions were one of the most important aspects of this journey. Coming from a little to no coding background, having someone available to clarify doubts was always helpful.  The mentored learning sessions were really helpful throughout the course. Not only do we have one on one sessions on a weekly basis, but the mentor was available through call as well as a message when required.

My mentor was always there to motivate and share any additional help that was required by us towards excelling. Coming from a non-coding background, motivation is always available from our mentors. My mentor not only helped with clarifying the doubts, but he also motivated and guided us with any additional information that would help us in the future. 

This course has helped with covering the knowledge gap for a career change. I also have a better understanding of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used for multiple different businesses. My personal advice would be to dedicate as much time as possible towards this course and keep going through with course material multiple times. As always, little additional time for practice always helps.


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