Capstone Project: QUICKLOANS.AI – Bali Raju, PGP AIFL


Bali Raju, along with team members Bharath Kumar C R, Manish Kumar Nirala, and Sekh Mursid Alam worked on a capstone project called QUICKLOANS.AI as part of the PGP Artificial Intelligence for Leaders Program at Great Learning. Read further to learn more about their journey.

How did you come up with the Topic name?

This product is for helping the banking system in making credit lending decisions faster using artificial intelligence. It was the outcome of our team effort.

AI Concepts applied in the Capstone Project

Machine Learning, NLP Frameworks, Neural Networks, and other Algorithms.

Your Learning outcome from the capstone project

Good knowledge and Practical experience in AI, ready to work on live projects.

Your Capstone journey/experience 

It was a great experience and good teamwork. Gained good knowledge and community to help.

Thank you message (if any) for Mentors/ team members/Program Office

Thanks to all trainers, particularly to Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar, Dr. Narayana Darapaneni, and Anwesh Reddy Pathuri. Special thanks to Sahana for all her coordination in making it a successful journey.


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