Boris Johnson is incoherent, he flip flops from day to day and his measures are contradictory

SUDDENLY, it’s not looking very good for the Prime Minister.

Behind in the polls and his personal standing plummeting.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Introducing Bojo... & The True Bluenotes
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Introducing Bojo… & The True Bluenotes
Boris's response has been to confuse the bejesus out of people


Boris’s response has been to confuse the bejesus out of peopleCredit: PA

Meanwhile, he just suffered a huge act of defiance by 100 of his own back-benchers. Seems they’ve had enough of him too.

The latest problem came with his plans for tackling the Omigod! variant of Covid.
It is apparently ripping through the population like a Doberman Pinscher through a tin of Pedigree Chum.

Boris’s response has been to confuse the bejesus out of people. So, work from home, he says.

But don’t forget to attend the office Christmas party! This makes no sense.

We’re going to have a nice Christmas, he tells us.

But there are hints that much stricter measures may be just around the corner. A Plan C, apparently.

Listen, Johnson, if it’s THAT serious, then sod Christmas.


And here we have the two big problems — the stuff which is turning people off BoJo and the Tories very quickly.

First, he is incoherent. He flip-flops from day to day. The measures he introduces sometimes seem contradictory.

According to a Labour MP, one minister said the travel restrictions are “useless”. But then there’s this — his other big flaw. He is not — how can I put this — terribly honest.

He is trying to scare us about Omicron. It is a variant which is very transmissible. Fine, we understand that.

But according to the PM, it is also lethal. One person in the UK has already died with it. But he won’t tell us who that person is. Nor how old they are.

And my guess is that this is because the person is indeed very old. And probably with very serious underlying health conditions.

It seems to be the NHS that Boris is trying to protect, rather than us.

Because all the evidence we have so far is that Omicron is much, much milder than the Delta variant and considerably milder than the original virus.

In which case it is scarcely worse than a cold. Maybe a nasty cold.


This seems to tally with official reports from South Africa. There, the hospitalisation rate has been one third lower than with previous mutations of this virus.

What’s more, the rates of infection there are slowing.

Boris is trying to use Omicron as a means to force the reluctant to get vaccinated.
But there’s a problem here, too. He is telling the unvaccinated that they need a couple of jabs to protect them.

While telling those who have had two jabs that this is nowhere near enough and they need a booster.

This all looks like a Government which is coming apart at the seams.

The backbenchers have no faith in the leadership. Some senior Tories are mumbling that Boris has to go.

They are right, I think. That lethal cocktail of incoherence and dishonesty is destroying a Government which we once had so much faith in.

A Prime Minister who never seems to be actually skippering the ship of state. But letting it drift aimlessly.

The public needs honesty and decisiveness. But those are two things which seem utterly alien to our Prime Minister.

The clock is ticking, Boris.

For your premiership it’s about — let me check my watch  — two minutes to midnight.

Should I stay or should I go?

IT looks very much like Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John will capture the Christmas No1 spot with their hugely original take on the yuletide single, Merry Christmas.

In it, Mr Sheeran talks about mistletoe, Christmas trees and sitting by a roaring fire.

Although nowhere near as close to it as I would l like him to be.

Luckily, pop-pickers, there are some other lovely tunes in competition with Ed and Elton for that coveted chart-topping slot – and, below, I’ve come up with some ideas of my own.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Introducing Bojo… & The True Bluenotes

It’s not my party (and I’ll cry if I want to), Allegra Stratton

The Only Way Is App, Sajid Javid & The Exciters

Anti-PC Toby is no mug

I enjoyed my Sun columnist mate Jane Moore’s awards of the year.

Especially Prince Harry – The Fresh Prince of Hot Air.

Kind of hate to say it, Toby – but respect


Kind of hate to say it, Toby – but respectCredit: Rex Features

My hero of the year is another colleague of mine.

A writer called Toby Young.

Now, we’re some way short of being the closest of friends, me and Tobes.

Never trust a QPR fan, for a start. But less than two years ago he set up the Free Speech Union.

It has been a huge success, fighting the cancel culture.

And sticking up for people persecuted by the woke brigade.

It’s an incredible achievement and gives us all a bit of hope while the progressive nutters are doing their stuff.

Kind of hate to say it, Toby – but respect.

Meanwhile, my own special award for Privileged Dim Witted Ponce of the Year goes to university drop-out Miles Routledge, aged 21.

He is the dork who had to be airlifted out of Afghanistan at taxpayers’ expense when the Taliban took over.

He’d travelled there to see what is was like.

Now the drongo is in South Sudan. A country beset by civil war.

No airlift this time, Miles. Hunker down in your mud hut – Mummy isn’t coming to save you again.

Star Hobson

I wonder to what extent political correctness played a part in the horrible death of poor Star Hobson?

Social workers thought relatives were being “homophobic” when they expressed their concerns.

As it turned out, those worries were absolutely justified.

Political correctness kills.

New accolades

Well done to American athlete Lia Thomas.

What a swimmer. Keeps smashing all the records for women’s swimming.

Well done to American athlete Lia Thomas.


Well done to American athlete Lia Thomas.Credit: Penn Athletics

That’s because Lia, right, is a bloke. She is a bloke who has transitioned to being a woman. Rivals are not best pleased about it.

But they’re scared to speak for fear of being cancelled.

When will this madness stop?

It’s an alpaca lies

Remember Geronimo, the alpaca killed by the Government?

They said he had bovine TB. He didn’t.

Environment Secretary George Eustice had Geronimo slaughtered, utterly pointlessly


Environment Secretary George Eustice had Geronimo slaughtered, utterly pointlesslyCredit: Simon Jones

The final post mortem tests have discovered not even the tiniest trace of bovine TB anywhere within the poor creature’s cadaver.

Environment Secretary George Eustice had Geronimo slaughtered, utterly pointlessly, at great expense in order to preserve his appalling badger cull, which has been of questionable success in slowing the spread of the disease.

When this increasingly ridiculous Government insists how enlightened it is on animal rights, remember Geronimo and the badger cull.

Boris having a hoot

Good for Boris! No, don’t be daft – not that Boris.

I mean Boris the Siberian Eagle Owl.

His owner reckons he might be on the look out for a quick shag


His owner reckons he might be on the look out for a quick shagCredit: Solent

He has chewed through his tether and escaped captivity in Hampshire.
Been gone a week and his owner is getting worried.

But that’s what owls should be doing. Flying around untethered.

His owner reckons he might be on the look out for a quick shag.

Good luck with that, Boris.

I don’t think there are many Siberian Eagle Owl babes hanging around Southampton.

He’s nearly 3ft tall and with a 6ft wingspan, by the way.

So if you’re out walking in Hampshire with a poodle, keep it on a tight

Tragic alpaca Geronimo’s owner brands post-mortem findings ‘blatant cover-up’

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