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Searching for automotive designer recruitment agencies

Posted by Debra Scurlock-Davies on 15 Jul 2021

Searching for Automotive Designer recruitment agencies?  With the continued growth of online databases such as LinkedIn has recruitment become so simple anyone can do it – making agencies redundant?

We believe this isn’t the case and indeed the role of a good recruitment specialist is even more important for both a business and the person seeking a new role.

Automotive designer recruitment

With a large proportion of people on LinkedIn connected to 3,000+ individuals it is assumed that if they post an advert then, miraculously, they will have the right person apply or an individual will see the advert for the position they crave.  In most cases the right person doesn’t spend their time sitting on-line to see the job post sandwiched between the adverts and ‘if 5 dogs = Banana, what is **? ‘.

Advertising every position on your website is also an option but brings in multiple applications which can make meaningful applicants harder to spot.

At drive our approach is more targeted – we are not looking to fill 500 positions.  We aim to match the most experienced and talented design personnel with the industry’s leading design teams; we are also looking to support our valued clients (individuals and companies) by matching personalities, talent and experience with the right roles.

We believe that if candidates are happier to send a CV via a portal, rather than spending some time with us discussing their experiences and ambitions, then they probably aren’t the people that our clients are looking for.

Being trusted advisors to some of the world’s most prestigious automotive studios and influential individuals, we take our responsibilities seriously and realise that our reputation is dependent on these relationships.  Using our personal approach we understand the studio’s aims, select the correct personalities with relevant professional expertise to ensure a successful working relationship for both the studios and individuals alike.



Debra Scurlock-Davies

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