All you need is a solid determination and dedication

pgp dsba
pgp dsba

I am from Udupi, Karnataka. I am an engineering graduate from the mechanical branch, with work experience of 2 years. Read further to learn more about my journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in my own words.

I had resigned from my job, had plans to work abroad but failed due to unforeseen conditions. No prior knowledge of the subject, it was like learning Alphabets in preschool, everything was new, and initially, I was nervous about the program, but I had my interests in the subject.

After lots of research on the internet and user experiences, and reviews I found great learning to be better of all and a well-renowned institute. Also, I watched free sessions which and mentor classes kept the promise, I did not have any apprehensions about learning on an online platform. 

Well, these sessions were extremely important, a whole week’s classes were summarized, doubts were cleared, and a few in-depth concepts and also new industry used concepts were taught by them.

Most importantly a mentor was assigned to just 10 learners and they were all easily available. Few mentors were so involved that they used to give small assignments off great learning exercises and submissions, honestly thanks for their interest.   

Well, the first class as I remember was not that great, I had to ask our program manager to help regarding the same, but within no time, our requests were taken into consideration and the issue was resolved, overall mentorship classes were good.

Well, few mentors have impacted a lot, their way of approaching problems, their guidance gave me confidence and boost to deal with the situations, some I might never forget. Also, they set us the right expectations. Well, I have given my efforts along with the very well laid course planning in great learning and I have been successful in upskilling myself to a new career path.

If a normal graduate with no coding experience and previous experience irrelevant to the domain has found his success, anyone with a keen interest and solid determination could step it into this field and be successful in achieving what they intend to achieve. Let me repeat all you need is solid Determination and Dedication. 


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