Access to Harvard Business case studies was my favorite part of the program


“Had I known earlier, I would/would not have” – is one of the many statements that students utter after completing a course that doesn’t go in sync with their requirements. That’s why feedback is necessary. Thus, we want to introduce you to Mahima, a former learner of our management program. Her favorite part of the program was interaction with many experienced professionals in the management field, getting access to Harvard Business case studies, and forming a network. Keep on reading as Mahima is here to spill the beans on her learning journey. 

Question: Can you describe your background and job profile?

I am Mahima, a Biomedical Engineering graduate from SRM Institute of Science and Technology who joined Great Learning’s Post Graduation Program in Management in October 2020. I was a freshman while joining the course. During the specialization phase, I began interning with a start-up on their digital marketing team and have now been made their full-time employee.

Question: Can you share the objective of joining a PGPMex Program?

Being someone who loves to explore new activities, art mediums, and crafts, I created an Instagram account to chronicle my passion for art and creative processes. That is how I began to develop a strong interest in Social Media Marketing. I maintained a blog, wrote product reviews, created content for home-grown brands, and even worked as an affiliate for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed taking up these roles and decided to pursue a course that would help me equip myself better and learn in-depth about Digital Marketing. I saw my interests aligned with creating a career in this field. Hence, I decided to give it a shot.

Question: There are many other programs available when it comes to learning about Management? Why did you choose Great Learning?

I came across Great Learning’s Executive PG Program in Management, offering specialization in Marketing Management, and decided to take it up. While there are many programs out there that offer this course, Great Learning stood out for me because of the plethora of good reviews I heard from friends and family. 

Also, after applying for the course, Mr. Raghavendra Swarna from GL’s Sales Team reached out to me and cleared all my doubts regarding the program and its structure. He was honest about how comprehensive and fast-paced the course would be while assuring me that all concepts are taught from scratch and that I could avail support for all matters throughout the course. It is indeed true, and I am glad that I joined the course without skipping a beat.

Question: What do you have to say about the program structure? What did you like most about our program?

The program structure has been framed in a way that it offers comprehensive and concise information about all the primary concepts in a very short period effectively without any gaps in terms of knowledge. The case studies, group projects, and individual assignments take the learning process to a whole other level by offering hands-on learning opportunities and a taste of how things work in the real world.

My favorite parts about this program were interacting with experienced professionals in the management field, getting access to Harvard Business case studies, communicating with people from my batch, and forming a network.

Question: How would you describe Great Learning’s handling of the COVID situation and ensuring a seamless experience for all the learners?

The program was seamlessly executed despite the pandemic. The academic operations team was available 24*7 to handle queries and provide additional assistance whenever required. I would also like to thank my program manager, Ms. Mitushi, for her constant support and encouragement throughout the program that helped me keep my spirits high and finish the course with the same zeal and enthusiasm that I had begun with

Question: What is your overall experience at Great Learning?

I had never expected a 100% online course to provide these many meaningful connections and valuable insights for me. To be honest, it was either as good or even better than offline classes. I am now working as a digital marketer with a private firm and can handle the tasks proficiently. Thanks to Great Learning, I have found an opportunity to apply all my learnings from the past year. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is a fresher or to someone who is looking to upskill themselves and build a career in the management field.


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